Richy Pitch

Richy’s career as a DJ and producer has spun over a 30 year period, he has been collecting and making music for a long time and have been lucky enough to be involved in some great musical projects.

He was resident DJ with Scratch in London, est. 1996, toured Europe as a DJ with my his projects and worked with Damon Albarn’s Africa Express and Gorillaz SoundSytem as tour DJ, playing across the globe where he was also involved in creating unique production and remix work.

He is a proud producer of 2 LP’s, collaborating with some of the best Hip hop artists from the East Coast of America on ‘Live at Home‘ recorded in NYC (Sevenheads 2002) and some of the most talented musicians and Artists from West Africa, Ghana on his ‘Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch‘ LP. (BBE Records 2010) recorded and produced while living in Accra, Ghana.

When not making music, he teaches and writes about it.
In 2013 his ‘Making Beats’ book was published by Cengage Learning.