Interesting news for the Digital Vinyl revolution.


A really interesting development has occurred in the world of Digital/Vinyl DJ’ing in the past month which has already opened the doors up for even more quality mixers and controllers to be released that are compatible with Serato DJ.

That development is the the launch of the Serato DVS (Digital, Vinyl System) expansion pack, as Serato describes it is:-

An Expansion Pack for Serato DJ that allows users with compatible/supported hardware* to expand their setup and connect Turntable or CDJs to their controller setup. * Supported hardware includes; Denon DJ MC6000MK2, Numark N4 and Pioneer DDJ-SX2. With more to come Watch videos and read about activating and setting the DVS Expansion Pack on our website.

So this in itself is exciting news as it means us ‘older DJ’s’ can attach our trusty Technics turntables to more a more DJ mixers that use the Serato time coded vinyl set up. In addition and more recently there have now also been some new compatible mixers and FX controllers being released. One in particular that caught my eye was Akai’s new AMX mixer. (On sale from Oc 2014)

So why dioes it appeal to me?

1. It comes with Serato DJ.

2. It can be upgraded using the Serato DVS expansion pack so that you can use the AMX mixer with turntables.

3. It has a pro grade adjustable innoFADER crossfader with reverse switch.

4. it’s price is £179 and although it may not have all the specs of a RANE Sixty One Mixer or a Native Instruments Z2 Mixer it absolutely smashes the price while still doing much of what these 2 mixers can do. Thus becoming a very attractive proposition for serious DJ’s who want to save some serious money.

In particular as a DJ who teaches DJ Performance Techniques to students this is a much more attractive price when recommending DJ set ups to my students.

Obviously I haven’t tried it out out yet for sturdiness, features and whether the crossfader works for some simple tidy cuts and scratches, but it looks very promising.

My biggest hope is this will now make the ‘Mixer for Turntables & Serato DJ set up’ much more competitive and we will not only see more quality DJ Mixers being released but also it may encourage both Rane and Native Instruments to either drop the price of their mixers or make a mixer that competes in the same price range as the likes of the new Vestax AMX.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops!