In 1996, from humble beginnings in North London’s Kings X, Scratch started as a live, creative Hip Hop project, expanding the dynamic forces of B-Boy culture with acts such as Roots Manuva, Kool DJ Herc, Saul Williams, Eminem, The Roots, Ty, De La Soul, Afrika Bambaataa, Jurassic 5, Rodney P & many more.

Fast forward 17 years to a new chapter in contemporary music and Scratch the B-Side was born. B-Side in association with PRS are offering a unique collaborative experience that will focus on the music of cutting edge, electronic artists and producers. Firstly putting them in the studio to create a special one off composition, and secondly creating a stage that will ultimately give the artist a chance to perform further songs from their back catalogue at a specially organised event.

Previous acts from our residency at Notting Hill Arts Club included UK based artists such as Synkro, Paul White, Pomrad, Arp 101 and Royalty (aka Metropolis from Foreign Beggars)

The Scratch legacy is living strong with club residency’s in both London and in Gothenburg in Sweden.

Shout to the Scratch family of Matt Smooth, Rob Mac, Richy Pitch, Tomski, Lyley, Billy Biznizz, Ritchie Rufftone, Tukka and the Swedish Gangster!