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Making Beats

Book Launch at the Apple Store

In 2014 Richy released his 'Making Beats' book. The book set about discussing  the process of beat making from organising, editing, producing and mixing beats within popular DAWS (Digital Audio Workstations) such as Logic, Cubase and Reason.  Apple were very kind in supporting the digital release of the book which happened at a special event at the Regent Street Apple Store. 

UK Q12583 Richy Pitch Making Beats 16 Apr dragged.jpg

Workshop at the Apple Store

As  well as releasing the book, Richy led a workshop at the Apple Store. The workshop looked at 3 areas of creative beat making:-

1. Automating a Pitch Change and Tempo Change in Logic to create a slowing down effect. ​

2. Layering a beat in Ultrabeat in Logic.​

3. Understanding the Quantize process and how you can use it to create an interesting change in your sequence.

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